Who benefits?

Why K4K Florida? Because children need you. These are kids in your school, in your neighborhood, on your soccer team. Here’s a peek into some of the struggles these kids face:

Meet Elijah

Meet Michelle

Meet Jennifer

Meet Courtney

When you participate in K4K Florida, you help children right in your community. Maybe you sit next to them in science class, pass them in the hallways ... perhaps you even ride the same bus. Every dollar we receive through K4K Florida goes directly to help children.

Here are just a few ways you can change their lives:

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Meet James

For as long as he can remember, James was abused by his mother. When he was 8, he watched as she was arrested after breaking his arm. Though he was finally safe, he had to leave everything he knew - his school, his friends and his home - to move in with a cousin he barely knew. His cousin has been trying really hard to take care of James, now 13, but his cousin is barely able to make ends meet. That means a lot of "no" for James ... no more baseball, no yearbook, no band, no birthday parties, no holiday gifts. But that's changing - because of YOU and K4K Florida. This year, James will get a birthday party - the first one he's ever had - and he'll even have gifts to open. Thank you!

Meet Keisha

Keisha never met her dad, and it's never been safe for her to live with her mom. So, for her entire life, she's lived with different relatives, in a few foster homes and even in a group home. She doesn't have much ... a few outfits that still fit, a blanket her grandma made her years ago, and a notebook full of her artwork. Keisha has always found comfort in drawing, and she's incredibly talented; she's entered a couple of art contests at school and won first place in both. Displaying her artwork makes her feel proud -- it's a far cry from what she normally experiences at school ... loneliness because no one sits next to her, the occasional jokes about her hair and clothes. But drawing helps some of that pain disappear. Thanks to YOU and K4K Florida, Keisha has a chance to attend a weeklong art camp. She'll get to meet other kids who love to draw as much as she does, and she can learn from top artists -- something that would never have been possible without you. This experience can change her life. Thank you!

Meet Kyle

Kyle loves music -- all types of music. Since elementary school, he's dreamt of the day he would be able to join the school band. He really wants to play the trumpet, just like his dad did. But three years ago, Kyle's dad lost his job. His mom has been trying to work overtime to help make ends meet, but it's barely enough to cover the basics ... like food and electricity. This was the year that Kyle was supposed to get a trumpet, supposed to finally join the band. But there was no way his parents could afford it. When Kyle found out, he was crushed. But then YOU stepped up. Because of YOU and K4K Florida, Kyle got a trumpet and he got music lessons. Thank you!

Thank you for stepping up to help change their lives.