Ready to create your own video to invite friends and family to support you? View videos below to see what others are doing and check out helpful hints to record and share your video with an iPhone or Android.

This is your chance to raise awareness about the struggles kids in your neighborhood face every day. But it’s also your chance to do something about it! As you share your passion to help these kids, you invite others to join you in changing children’s lives.

It goes back to the basics of K4K Florida: Learn. Lead. Lift a Life.




Not quite ready to create a video but still want to participate? No problem! There are lots of ways to join K4K Florida and make a difference for kids in your neighborhood. Find more ideas here.

What's next?

Once your video is created and your fundraising page is up, it’s time to spread the word and invite people to join you.

Start brainstorming with your parents ... who should you invite?

You can use email and/or social media to connect with a lot of people! A few example social media posts are below. Feel free to use these, and definitely create your own, too! Remember to use #K4KFlorida in your posts!

  • You can help create a brighter future for kids at my school! Visit [enter CrowdRise link] #K4KFlorida
  • Want to make a difference in our city? Help me help kids! Visit [enter CrowdRise link] today #K4KFlorida
  • I want to change the world by helping local kids. Please support my efforts! Visit [enter CrowdRise link] #K4KFlorida
  • One person can change the world. It starts with me. #K4KFlorida
  • When you heal the heart, you heal the child. #K4KFlorida
  • Local kids will have a better tomorrow because of what you do today. Support #K4KFlorida. Visit [enter CrowdRise link]
  • By working together, can we make tomorrow better for kids. #K4KFlorida

Ready to send emails to all your friends and family?

Below, you’ll find an example email; you can use it as is (just remember to include your personal fundraising link!), you can tweak it or you can start from scratch. This is your campaign, your platform!

Dear ___,

Please join me in helping less fortunate children. You see, there are thousands of kids in Florida who struggle every day. Some of them are afraid because they've been abused. Some of them are afraid because they don't know where they'll sleep tonight or tomorrow night.

When I learned that these kids live right in my community, I wanted to help. That's why I joined K4K Florida, a movement that allows kids like me to make a difference. I want to let everyone know about these kids and encourage everyone to help!

That's why I'm writing to you today. I am asking you to join me in changing children's lives by donating to my personal fundraising campaign at [enter your CrowdRise link here]. Every dollar you donate will help provide life-changing experiences to kids in need.

There are so many things I've been able to do, such as have birthday parties, play sports and go to the movies with my friends. But these are the very things that the kids I want to help have never had a chance to do! K4K Florida will help these kids experience activities that can really make a difference in their lives.

Please help me meet my goal to raise $1,000 by donating at [enter CrowdRise link here].

Thank you,
[Enter name]

More fundraising ideas

  • Having a birthday party? Instead of gifts, ask your guests to bring donations to support K4K Florida.
  • Grab a few friends for a scavenger hunt. When you complete the challenge, each participant will have raised $100!
  • Is your mom, uncle or neighbor part of a business or volunteer organization, such as the Chamber of Commerce or Rotary? Ask if you can speak for five minutes at an upcoming meeting to share your passion to help children and invite the members to support your efforts.
  • Ask a local business to support your efforts by matching the funds you raise! In return, you can thank the business in personal letters, emails to others and on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Find out how many quarters it would take to make a mile. Request donations to help you make that mile.
  • Host a car wash or a bake sale.
  • Make one-of-a-kind bracelets to sell.
  • Write personal letters to friends and family members. Download stationary here and mail your letter the old-fashioned way!
  • Ask your school, club or sports team to join you. You can share this letter with parents, coaches, principals and teachers.

What else are you doing to raise money to help children? Let us know - we'd love to add it to the list!