For Parents

Who does K4K Florida help?

K4K Florida helps children and teens in your community who are served by Children’s Home Society of Florida. Meet a few of our kids:

Samantha's story:

Alexis: A second chance

Adrianna: An opportunity for happiness

Fostering love: Opening hearts and homes to care for children in need

K4K Florida started because one kid wanted to help others. His passion has inspired other kids to help, too. When your kids join the movement, they’ll make a true difference in the lives of less fortunate children. But they’ll gain much more.

“Children involved in K4K Florida will be empowered to grow as individuals by developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills while benefiting underprivileged and underserved children in their local communities. Participation in K4K Florida facilitates the development of a philanthropic sense of giving and acting on behalf of less fortunate others.” – Michael Sherwood, father of 10-year-old Luke

Why does K4K Florida matter?

Every day, kids right in your community struggle to survive.

Some have suffered severe abuse.

Some are on the verge of homelessness.

Some have suffered such intense loss that it’s a challenge even to make it through another day.

Most have been dealt a tough hand ... they may have been born into violent situations or into families burdened by extreme poverty. Hundreds of children in your community face these challenges every day. Your child, your family, can make a difference.

How will K4K Florida make a difference?

Every dollar Children's Home Society of Florida receives through K4K Florida goes directly to help children in need.

Your kids can provide life-changing activities that other kids may otherwise never have a chance to experience, such as ...

  • Participating in summer camp
  • Playing soccer or baseball
  • Attending a Miami Dolphins or Jacksonville Jaguars game
  • Attending prom
  • Picking out their own brand new clothes and shoes

That’s just a snapshot into what your kids can do!

See other ways K4K Florida can change kids’ lives and work with your child to register now to join the movement.