What is K4K Florida?

It's a campaign started by one kid eager to help those who may be less fortunate. As more youth become aware of struggles their classmates face -- poverty, hunger, homelessness, abuse -- they look for a way to help.

How does K4K Florida work?

Kids register to join the movement at www.crowdrise.com/k4kfl. After signing up, they’re directed to create an online fundraising page connected to the K4K Florida fundraiser on CrowdRise, an easy-to-use website. K4K Florida participants can personalize their page by using their phone or iPad to create a video inviting friends and family to support their efforts. It’s easy to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and then link to it from their personal fundraising page. Though we encourage kids to get creative and share their passion using a video, they can still participate even without using a video or CrowdRise!

After creating a fundraising page and video, kids start to raise awareness and funds to help others. K4K Florida participants can share their video and fundraising page with friends, family and neighbors through email or social media (or through their parents’ social media accounts), with parental permission.

Anyone interested in supporting a kid’s fundraising effort can easily make a secure, tax-deductible donation on the participant’s fundraising page. 100% of the funds Children's Home Society of Florida receives from this campaign will directly benefit children in need.

Can I be on a K4K Florida team, or is it only for individual participants?

You can register as an individual or a team.

All participants are encouraged to be creative as they raise awareness for kids in need. Every participant is also encouraged to raise $1,000 to help kids.

When you register as a team, you’ll be able to see how much the entire team has raised – and you can support and encourage each other along the way!

How do I make a video?

It’s easy to make a 60-second (or less!) video using your phone, iPad or tablet. You can find simple instructions for iPhone users here or for Android users here. After creating your video, simply upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and link to it from your fundraising page! You can also share it on social media and through email, with parental permission.

What should I include in the video?

Be creative and share your passion!

Raise awareness about children in need. Invite people to support your efforts to help less fortunate kids by donating on your personal K4K Florida fundraising page. Remind them that 100 percent of the funds Children's Home Society of Florida receives from this campaign will directly benefit children in need. We recommend keeping the video short - 60 seconds or less.

For ideas and inspiration, you can view a few kids’ videos here.

How can I use social media to promote my video and K4K Florida fundraising campaign?

If you’re under age 18 and have your own social media accounts, ask your parents’ permission to share your video and fundraising campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media channel.

Kids 18 and older – as well as parents with social media accounts – can actively use social media to promote their K4K Florida efforts!

Share your video, share your passion and, most importantly, share the link to your fundraising page! We also encourage you to use #K4KFL in all of your social media posts.

Need a little social media inspiration? Find sample posts here.

How can parents help their kids succeed?

Be supportive! Encourage their philanthropic spirit by being the first to donate to their campaign.

Share your children’s videos and fundraising page with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and ask them to help meet your kids’ goals. Are you a member of a civic or professional organization? Request five minutes at an upcoming meeting for your children to talk about their passion to help less fortunate kids through K4K Florida. Keep being their biggest cheerleader!

Is there another way to participate if I don’t want to create a video?


When you create your personal K4K Florida fundraising page, you can use a photo or a story to share why you want to help children who are less fortunate. Be creative and invite people to support you! But don’t stop there! Tap into your creativity and interests to fundraise: Make and sell jewelry, have a car wash, invite some friends to participate in a “fundraising scavenger hunt,” have a garage sale, mow your neighbors’ lawns, request donations instead of birthday presents ... the opportunities are as vast as your imagination!

Will contributors to my fundraising efforts receive a tax deduction?

Anyone who donates toward your K4K Florida fundraising efforts through your fundraising page on CrowdRise.com will receive an acknowledgement from CrowdRise and a receipt for tax purposes from Network for Good, a 501c3 organization that will ensure the funds are given to Children's Home Society of Florida.

Anyone who chooses to support your efforts by writing a check or giving directly to Children’s Home Society of Florida will receive an acknowledgement letter from Children's Home Society of Florida; this letter will also include information the donor can use for tax purposes.

Can I meet the kids we’re helping?

While you can’t actually meet the children who will benefit, as we must honor their privacy, you may actually be sitting in class with them, riding the bus with them, playing at the park with them or passing them in the store ... the kids you’re helping live right in your community, and some probably even attend your school.

Do I have control over how the funds I raise are spent?

100% of all funds Children's Home Society of Florida receives through K4K Florida directly benefit children in need. All funds will provide life-changing activities, education and experiences that kids may otherwise never experience. See a few ways your efforts will change lives here.

What happens when I meet the $1,000 fundraising goal?

We celebrate! Everyone who meets their $1,000 goal within the campaign’s timeframe will be invited to a local celebration, which will be coordinated in each community. Most importantly, we celebrate because you have made a big difference in the lives of children in need.

What happens if I don’t meet the $1,000 fundraising goal?

We still celebrate the difference you've made.

You’ll also receive prizes for raising $100 and $500. Learn more here.

What timeframe do I have to raise $1,000?

The campaign lasts throughout the year, so you have until November 30, 2016, to raise $1,000.